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UK Consumers Have Lost £500 Each Through Online Crime

December 07, 2018 / Phil Muncaster

Two-fifths of UK consumers have been a victim of cybercrime with phishing topping the list, according to new research from GMX. The email provider polled over 2000 Brits last month to better understand the impact and extent of online threats. It found that half of those netizens affected lost money as a result. The average lost was £565 ($720), although 1% of respondents said they lost over £10,000. Phishing and “misuse of data” were the most common forms of cybercrime, each accounting for 11% of answers. Next came malware (10%), fake e-stores (7%), online extortion (6%), and charity fraud (5%), where recipients are tricked into donating to spoofed worthy causes. The over-55s were least likely to be victims of online crime, with 73% claiming they had never been caught out, versus 47% of those aged 16-24. This could be because older netizens are more cautious online, and/or that they spend less time on the internet.