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Top 10 worst password FAILS of 2018

December 12, 2018 / Ms. Smith

The 2018 worst password fails, by that Dashlane means worst offenders this year, are: 1. Kanye West for unlocking his iPhone on TV in the White House with 000000. 2. The Pentagon for protecting weapon systems with default passwords, as well have having such pitiful admin passwords that the GAO audit team could guess them in nine seconds. 3. Cryptocurrency owners for failing to remember their passwords to their digital wallets in order to cash out while cryptocurrencies were at record-level highs. 4. Nutella for telling Twitter followers to use “Nutella” as a password — advice sent out on World Password Day. 5. U.K. law firms, 500 of them, for their 1 million corporate email and password combinations, stored in plaintext, which were discovered by researchers on the dark web. 6. The state of Texas for exposing over 14 million voter records thanks to a server that didn't have password protection.