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McAfee: IoT malware increasing alongside 480 threats per minute

December 20, 2018 / Ryan Daws

Shocking research from McAfee Labs highlights the increasing prevalence of IoT malware as the cybersecurity firm detects 480 new threats per minute. Years of putting functionality before security and rushing to market have led to many compromisable devices. The Mirai IoT botnet attack in 2016 was a wake-up call with around 70 popular services taken offline after DNS provider Dyn was flooded with malicious traffic. Services like Dyn often block suspicious traffic but the distributed nature of the IoT meant legitimate traffic was mixed in from all geographies. Hackers know compromising IoT devices can be devastating and is often the most trivial way to enter a network. During the three months of Q3 2018, McAfee found 480 new IoT malware threats every minute. Furthermore, new samples grew by 53 percent. Providing evidence, the IoT is a growing target for hackers, the total amount of IoT malware was up 203 percent over the previous four quarters.