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A restaurant's next big financial risk isn't bad reviews — it's data breaches

December 19, 2018 / Julie Littman

As hackers find new ways to gather coveted personal information, restaurants are quickly becoming a target for the internet underworld. Several customer accounts were breached on Dunkin's DD Perks mobile rewards program in November, but Dunkin' certainly wasn't the only chain to get hit this year. Panera, Burgerville, PDQ, Cheddar's and Chili's also reported security breaches. And last year, millions of customer payment cards were breached through a point of sale system at Sonic. Whether it be through an online rewards system or POS platform, breaches at restaurants can scare customers away and reduce profit margins. While health care is among the top targets for hackers, retail (including restaurants and grocery stores) is among the most vulnerable. TGI Fridays Vice President of Information Technology Sammy Langley told Restaurant Dive that restaurants need to have an equal focus on cybersecurity as they do product, place, price and promotion to avoid these pitfall...