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Facebook reportedly gathering personal data from Tinder, Pregnancy+, other apps

December 19, 2018 / ABRAR AL-HEETI

Facebook may be gathering some of your most personal information. Android apps like Tinder, Grindr and Pregnancy+ are sharing sensitive user information with Facebook, according to a Wednesday report from German mobile security company Mobilsicher. The information reportedly includes dating profiles, health data, religious affiliation and other details. A user's Advertising ID, which lets Facebook link third-party app information to people using the apps, is also transmitted, according to BuzzFeed. This information is reportedly being gathered through the Software Developer Kit (SDK) Facebook gives to third-party app developers, which lets users log in with Facebook. Other Android apps Mobilsicher tested include OKCupid, Migraine Buddy, Bible+ and Muslim Pro. Facebook isn't necessarily trying to hide its collection of this information, BuzzFeed notes. Facebook's policies say it can gather information from third-party apps that use its SDKs and APIs, but a representative for...