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Cyber-physical convergence expands attack surface

December 21, 2018 / Gigi Onag

In the last year, Hong Kong has seen the growing convergence of IT systems and OT systems as more companies try to drive digital transformation deeper into their organization. “The cyber-physical convergence, especially on the use of IoT (Internet of Things), is actually happening and keeps growing in Asia Pacific, including in Hong Kong across multiple areas,” says Luke Ma, head of consulting for Asia, NTT Security. “Many enterprises are deploying various types of beacons and sensors within their business operation environments in order to collect more useful information to enhance operation efficiencies as well as improve end-customer user experiences.” Henry Ng, managing director, critical information systems and cybersecurity, Asia, at Thales says OT systems don’t necessary embed IoT devices. He says OT systems are used to monitor events, processes and devices related to industrial operations. Many of these devices are not connected to the internet, bu...