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What Enterprises Can Expect for Cybersecurity in 2019

December 28, 2018 / Wayne Rash

2018 was a banner year in cybersecurity. The breaches were many, the remedies were few, and the cost of doing nothing went up. But there is hope on the horizon as new methods of authentication are beginning to show up, old practices are discarded, and as the threat landscape becomes clearer. But the risks are also going up, and failure to be ready for them could put you out of business. Here are some key data points for business executives to know regarding IT security in 2019: Nation-state attacks will get worse: While we’ve begun to get some insight into the state-sponsored hacking carried out on behalf of the Chinese and Russian governments, the fact is that the ease with which those attacks were carried will embolden those hackers even more. They won’t be the only attackers; we can expect to see attacks from Iran and the Ukraine as well as from other governments as the lack of a real U.S. response, and the lack of any serious coordination by the U.S. government, becomes...