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Neustar Bolsters Fraud Detection Capabilities With Trustid

January 04, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

Neustar is improving its security capabilities with the addition of technology gained via the acquisition of caller authentication and fraud prevention vendor Trustid. Fraud can take many different forms, including caller fraud where unauthorized individuals attempt transactions or information retrieval. The promise of the Trustid platform is that it provides tools and technologies to help organizations identify potentially risky calls at the network level, before a fraudster even says a word. In combination with Neustar, the plan is to expand fraud detection with capabilities to help organizations limit risk. "Trustid and Neustar are two companies with a common DNA in solving enterprise problems around validating and authenticating consumers through phone-centric based solutions," Neustar Vice President and General Manager of Risk Solutions Robert McKay told eWEEK. "Neustar classically has done that through data-driven technologies, helping these enterprises in both the...