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Protego Labs Boosts Serverless Security With Open-Source Project

January 07, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

While serverless technology is becoming increasingly widely used, there has been a lack of understanding when it comes to serverless security implications. That's a challenge that Protego Labs is looking to help solve with the release of a freely available open-source tool that helps organizations learn about serverless security. Serverless, also referred to as functions-as-a-service, is technology that enables organizations to run functions in an event-driven approach, rather than requiring a long running persistent server. Among the most popular serverless platforms is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda, which provides some default security capabilities in the cloud at the infrastructure layer. Although AWS provides some security capabilities, there are still application layer risks that organizations need to be aware of when it comes to serverless. The Protego Labs Damn Vulnerable Serverless Application (DVSA) is a purposefully insecure serverless application and toolset that prov...