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Thousands Complain About TV License Phishing Emails

January 07, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

A highly convincing phishing email spoofed to appear as if sent from the UK’s TV Licensing authority has accrued thousands of complaints over the past three months. Action Fraud warned back in October that the scam email was designed to steal a user’s personal and financial details. “They will use headlines such as ‘correct your licensing information,’ ‘billing information updates’ and ‘renew now’ to trick people into clicking on the link within the email,” it said at the time. “When a victim clicks on the link, they will be led to a convincing looking TV Licensing website. The website is designed to harvest as much personal and financial information as possible from the victim.” The fraud prevention organization claimed it has now received over 5000 complaints about the phishing campaign over the past three months, according to reports. The phishing site requests users fill in full payment details including accoun...