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FireEye Updates Server Email Security Platform for Advanced Threats

January 09, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

FireEye is updating its on-premises security capabilities with the launch of the FireEye Email Security - Server Edition 8.2 release on Jan. 9. The FireEye Email Security - Server Edition 8.2 provides organizations with new capabilities to detect advanced email threats, including executive impersonation, which is often referred to as Business Email Compromise (BEC). FireEye has also integrated the MalwareGuard machine learning technology from its Endpoint security platform to help protect email systems against evolving risks. Additionally, the core detection sandbox within FireEye Email Security is being improved to help organizations customize the technology for their own specific environment. "A lot of the new features have been led by frontline experience from the FireEye incident response teams and from the intel team as well," Ken Bagnall, VP of email security at FireEye, told eWEEK.  "Also we do have customer advisory boards where customers bring up issues the...