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SK Telecom Airs First Live TV Broadcast Via 5G, CES 2019 To Spotlight 5G

January 09, 2019 / Jof Enriquez,

South Korean wireless telecommunications operator SK Telecom claims to have broadcast the world's first live television event over a commercial 5G network. SK Telecom used its 5G broadcasting solution dubbed 'T Live Caster' to air over entertainment channel 'XtvN' a New Year’s countdown event held at Bosingak, a large bell pavilion located in Jongro-gu, Seoul. The 'T Live Caster' app enables smartphone cameras to capture video of live events and broadcast them over traditional television channels in real time. "With today’s successful live TV broadcasting over commercial 5G network, SK Telecom ushers in a new era of 5G-based media services. In this new era, individual creators will be able to provide high-quality live broadcast anytime, anywhere, via 5G smartphones," said SK Telecom's Choi Nak-hoon, according to Digital Journal. As many as 20 smartphone manufacturers – including Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus – are plannin...