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Google Set to Advance Confidential Computing With Asylo Project

February 07, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

Google is working to advance the next stage of cloud cyber-security with an approach known as confidential computing and the open-source Asylo, project which makes it easier to implement. Google is positioning confidential computing as the next step in advancing trust, control and security for the cloud. A core element of the approach is making sure data in use is protected and encrypted against potential risks from underlying malicious hardware. Additionally, confidential computing offers the promise of providing an additional layer of protection against malicious insiders, network vulnerabilities and compromised operating systems. "We don't really want developers to have to think about the low-level technology or the lower-level security properties. We want them to be able to develop an application and it just works," Brandon Baker, tech lead for Cloud Security at Google Cloud, said during a press call. "The overall goal for Google is certainly to make cloud as sec...