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3 cybersecurity lessons for e-commerce website administrators

June 25, 2019 / Guest Contributor

In large part, the security of an ecommerce company is the responsibility of its technical support team and ecommerce software vendors. In reality, cybercriminals often exploit the security illiteracy of the staff to hit a company. Of all the ecommerce team, web administrators are often targeted for hacker attacks as they control access to the admin panel with lots of sensitive data. Having broken into the admin panel, criminals can take over an online store, disrupt its operation, retrieve customer confidential data, steal credit card information, transfer payments to their own account, and do more harm to business owners and customers. Online retailers contribute to the security of their company greatly when they educate web administrators where security threats can come from and what measures they can take to prevent breaches. We have summarized some key lessons below. It’s time for a quick cybersecurity class.