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3 questions to ask before putting a healthcare application in the cloud

April 17, 2019 / John Donohue

Several years ago, many experts were indicating that by 2020 everything would be running in the cloud. The promises of economical on-demand computing and storage resources were appealing. Companies could look to reduce capital investments and begin to sunset expensive data centers by quickly spinning up cloud technology. Speed to market, costs savings, optimized processing environments, elasticity, agility — the hype was real.  Organizations began to adopt Cloud First strategies. Cloud articles were dominating the headlines and cloud vendors were investing big time and pushing for traction and momentum. Fast forward to 2019.  While there have been cloud success stories and the marketplace is full of cloud services and solutions, the full promise of the cloud has not yet been fully realized – particularly in healthcare. Yet there are adoption opportunities you can begin to leverage immediately. Most healthcare organizations have private cloud capabilities.  Th...