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5 cybersecurity threats your DNS logs already reveal

March 14, 2019 / Andrew Wertkin

Cybersecurity can be an exhausting job. Between the onslaught of ‘silver bullet’ tools that supposedly protect organizations, and the additional layer of tools needed just to make sense of the first group, even the smartest teams are finding themselves stretched thin. There are signals and control points on the network today that are under utilized from the cyber perspective — instead of adding net new, leverage what you have today. Adversaries take advantage of blind spots, by focusing on the exact places security teams haven’t gotten around to monitoring. One of those places is DNS. Until recently, the protocol was relegated to the IT infrastructure team, and dismissed as mere network plumbing. Now, understanding of DNS as a threat vector is palpable. It’s the topic of concern for the DHS, government organizations, telecommunications companies, and much more.