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75% of Security Awareness Pros Are Part Time

July 17, 2019 / Kacy Zurkus

The 2019 Security Awareness Report published by SANS Security Awareness, a division of SANS Institute, found that across many organizations, there is an increased emphasis on the need for awareness and training programs. According to the report, more than 75% of those who are currently responsible for security awareness and training are spending less than half of their time on employee education programs.  “The implication is that awareness is simply mounted on to their other job requirements. This is the largest single factor limiting the growth and maturity of programs,” the report said. Though awareness professionals often bring more dynamic skills to their technical roles, the lack of candidates who possess the much needed soft skills of communication and marketing hinders the organization’s ability to build a program that truly engages employees. Among the nearly 1,600 respondents who participated in the study, those who reported having programs that are eff...