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94 Percent of Organizations See Firewalls as Critical Infrastructure

August 17, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerner

FireMon's 2018 State of the Firewall report finds that organizations continue to rely on, and invest in, firewall technologies. Network firewalls are still an important part of enterprise security, according to the results of FireMon's State of the Firewall report. In fact, 94 percent of respondents to the report said firewalls remain a critical part of IT infrastructure and will remain so for at least the next five years. FireMon is in the business of security policy orchestration for different technologies, including firewalls. Its 16-page report, which was released on Aug. 15, surveyed 334 IT decision-makers about how and where they use firewall technologies. "We continue to see an increase in the number of firewalls that need to be managed every year," Dan Lamorena, chief marketing officer at FireMon, told eWEEK. "What is changing is that we are seeing more firewalls that are virtual and potentially residing in the cloud."