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A peak into Safe-T’s Zero Trust Access solution

June 30, 2019 / CISO MAG

Safe-T provides a secure application and file access solution with 1) An architecture that implements Zero Trust Access, 2) A proprietary secure access control channel that enables users granted appropriate permissions access to shared sensitive files and folders, and 3) User behavior analytics. Why The Traditional Network Security Perimeter Is Obsolete. Most data centers implement a security perimeter model that establishes zones of trust based on ranges of IP addresses. They deploy back-to-back firewalls creating a DMZ that separates their trusted internal network from the external untrusted internet. For the following reasons the traditional security perimeter topology is a flawed paradigm with vulnerabilities and risks that are increasingly difficult for security teams to manage. Trusted Zones: A hacker who infiltrates the inner firewall of an organization is inside what is regarded as a trusted area. The hacker can then move about laterally stealing credentials and using them to c...