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A Spot of Ransomware Hits AriZona's Tea

April 03, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

Another ransomware attack has struck, but this time the massive attack on AriZona Beverages was targeted, as first reported by Tech Crunch. After more than 200 company-networked computers displayed the message “Your network was hacked and encrypted,” the company’s IT department had to rebuild the network, according to a post from Cloud Management Suite. Infosecurity was unable to reach AriZona Beverages by phone, and the company has not responded to request for comment. “AriZona Beverages may have been relying on age-old IT systems. In light of this, the news that AriZona Beverages was hit with a ransomware attack last month and subsequently has spent a fortnight rebuilding its network might not come as a massive shock to some,” said Caroline Seymour, VP of product marketing at Zerto. Some have speculated that the company had Dridex. According to experts at CrowdStrike, if the company had Dridex, then most likely the ransomware package was BitPaymer, which...