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Abacode announces its participation in CyberXchange, a cybersecurity e-commerce marketplace for B2B

October 06, 2020 / prnewswire

Abacode today announced the availability of its Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Services available on CyberXchange, the innovative new ecommerce marketplace dedicated to cybersecurity and compliance. For the first time, CIOs, CISOs and IT professionals can find and consult with supplier partners or purchase Abacode's solutions mapped to the major cybersecurity frameworks such as SOC 2, PCI, CMMC, and NIST bringing unprecedented visibility and efficiencies in building their cybersecurity programs. Built on CyberXchange's proprietary mapping engine and AI platform called Harmony, Abacode's solutions are available now at: https://cyberxchange.apptega.com/company/abacode-inc.