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Akamai opens Melbourne scrubbing centre in fight against DDoS threats

August 19, 2019 / Peter Dinham

Global cloud security and content delivery network provider Akamai has opened a new scrubbing centre in Melbourne as part of its strategy to “outpace the growing scale” of DDoS threats. Akamai says the new centre extends the overall DDoS attack fighting capability and resiliency of its platform in the Australia New Zealand region. The Melbourne scrubbing centre will complement Akamai's existing regional DDoS-mitigation-platform footprint, and Akamai now has 19 scrubbing centres around the world, including a regional footprint in Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Osaka and Singapore. Akamai’s scrubbing centres are centralised data-cleansing stations, that filter out malicious traffic before it can reach the applications and data centres of Akamai’s customers, and by blocking attack traffic at the edge, Akamai says it helps to make sure that ‘good’ traffic can still be processed efficiently, without the end-customers’ infrastructures becom...