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Apollo Faces Criticism for Breach of 200 Million Contacts

October 02, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

Sales engagement startup Apollo, whose database of 200 million contacts across 10 million companies was reportedly hacked, is facing criticism for failing to protect the data it collects. According to TechCrunch, Apollo said its contacts database was stolen in a data breach. While the company’s website offers no information on the breach, Apollo does admit that despite any security practices, it cannot guarantee the protection of the data it collects. “We understand the importance of the security of the information we collect, but we cannot promise that our security measures will eliminate all security risks or avoid any security breaches.” Infosecurity Magazine contacted Apollo for more details but has not received a response. Bjoern Zinssmeister of Templarbit reportedly gained access to an email sent to affected Apollo customers. The communication acknowledged that the majority of exposed information came from its publicly gathered prospect database.