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Artificial Fingerprint Ring Could Combat Biometric Data Theft

December 04, 2019 / Infosecurity Magazin

A cybersecurity company has teamed up with a 3D accessory designer to produce a ring that could tackle the issue of what to do if your biometric data is stolen. The attractive and wearable piece of jewelry features a synthetic fingerprint that can be used to unlock phones, make payments, or even access a home or office.  Unlike the actual fingerprint of a living human, which can never be replaced if lost, the artificial biometric identifier can be erased and substituted with a new version in the event of an identity theft. The ring represents the collaborative efforts of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, Swedish designer Benjamin Waye, and creative agency Archetype. “By combining the elements of art and technology, the ring makes the person wearing it stand out from the crowd as a visionary,” said the ring's designer, Waye. “It is a different approach to how we wear jewelry. Usually, it is much more practical. Not only is it considered beautiful, but it has been ...