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Attackers upping the ante on evasion and anti-analysis - Fortinet

August 12, 2019 / SecurityBrief

Many modern malware tools already incorporate features for evading antivirus or other threat detection measures, but cyber-adversaries are becoming more sophisticated in their obfuscation and anti-analysis practices to avoid detection. For example, a spam campaign demonstrates how adversaries are using and tweaking these techniques against defenders. The campaign involves the use of a phishing email with an attachment that turned out to be a weaponised Excel document with a malicious macro. The macro has attributes designed to disable security tools, execute commands arbitrarily, cause memory problems, and ensure that it only runs on Japanese systems. One property that it looks for in particular, an xlDate variable, seems to be undocumented. Another example involves a variant of the Dridex banking trojan which changes the names and hashes of files each time the victim logs in, making it difficult to spot the malware on infected host systems. The growing use of anti-analysis and broader...