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Australian government launches new cybersecurity node

July 17, 2019 / CISO MAG

In a bid to drive cybersecurity innovation and harness cybersecurity talent in the region, the New South Wales government and AustCyber have jointly launched the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node at the harbor city’s Joint Cyber Security Centre. Announced in 2018, the new information security hub will form a part of a series of nodes backed across Victoria, the ACT, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, and will be coordinated by the NSW Cyber Security Network, which is backed by the NSW Government and universities and aligned with AustCyber’s national agenda of sector growth. “This new node in Sydney, backed by AustCyber and the New South Wales (NSW) state government, will bring together startups, corporations, universities, researchers and government agencies to share expertise and create new ideas,” said Karen Andrews, the federal minister for industry, science and technology.