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BHEU: Attribution & Offensive Capabilities Changed Cybersecurity in 2018

December 05, 2018 / Dan Raywood

Delivering the opening keynote at the Black Hat Europe conference in London, Marina Kaljurand, chair of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, spoke of the 2007 attacks by Russia on her home nation of Estonia, and how it was “primitive by today’s standards” but enabled the country to build better defenses and its e-government services.

Kaljurand said that Estonia was one of the first countries to introduce e-government, e-police and e-taxation among thousands of services, and while the attacks were “humiliating and disturbing” it enabled its resilience to be “proof tested.”

She added: “More than 10 years have passed and many things have changed and improved, but some things are as important today as in 2007. What did we learn? The importance of decision making, and having cybersecurity high on the political agenda.”

She also discussed the need for an “all nation appro...