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Bidding farewell to outdated cybersecurity practices

July 08, 2019 / Brian Chappell

The three pillars of cyber security protection which are identity, privilege and asset management – won’t ever lose importance. They have remained inalterable for the past few decades. However, other IT security suggestions have not been as deep seated, and have instead evolved to reflect changes in the threat landscape, the onset of new technology tools, or updated insights based on better data. But not everything new is shiny and not everything old is broken. So, which recent security policies should you and your employees give up? And how do you get a workforce to unlearn habits which they may have just spent time learning? Downloading software from application stores. Most commercial applications are only accessible directly from the manufacturer, but modern applications, such as Microsoft Office, are usually available direct from the Application Stores for Windows and MacOS. While downloading applications right from the source indeed has its benefits, such as a slightl...