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Big Themes Set to Emerge at RSA Conference 2019

February 14, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

With hundreds of specialized sessions, there is always a lot to take in at the annual RSA Conference held in San Francisco. The 2019 event is set to get under way March 4-8 and will tackle all manner of cyber-security topics ranging from new threats, to privacy regulations, emerging technologies and everything in between. Across the various topics there are a number of key themes that will be evident at the conference, which were discussed in a preview call with members of the RSA Conference 2019 Advisory Board on Feb. 13. In this eWEEK Data Points article, we look at some of the key themes and topics that will be discussed at RSA Conference 2019. Data Point No. 1: DevSecOps isn't a buzzword, it's a paradigm shift. DevSecOps is an acronym for Developer/Security/Operations and is an emerging approach for integrating security into the full lifecycle of applications, beginning with the development phase.  Caroline Wong, Chief Security Strategist at cobalt.io said that while i...