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Billtrust still recovering from ransomware attack

October 23, 2019 / Teri Robinson

Although Billtrust initially didn’t release details in the aftermath of the attack, one of its customers, Wittichen Supply, told its customers Friday that the payment service had “communicated to us that our/your data has not been compromised and they are working around the clock to restore service levels,” with plans “to restore services on a measured schedule.”The incident “shows that cyberattacks, including ransomware, extend beyond the perimeter of the single company and affect organizations,” said Elad Shapira, head of research at Panorays. “In this case, the ransomware attack on Billtrust basically caused a denial-of-service attack on at least one of their customers. Calling Billtrust “a nexus between many other businesses” that would make the chain-risk to third parties “significant and would be hard to mitigate,” Lucy Security CEO Colin Bastable said the company was an ideal target for ransomware: financial...