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BitSight Launches Forecasting Capability for Cyber-Risk

September 05, 2018 / Sean Michael Kerner

The new offering aims to help organizations predict how different technology and process changes will impact future cyber-risk. Security ratings firm BitSight announced on Sept. 5 that it is expanding its offerings with the launch of the new BitSight Forecasting service. The BitSight Forecasting capability builds on BitSight's existing ratings service that helps organizations measure and benchmark cyber-security posture and maturity. With Forecasting, BitSight now enables organizations to estimate the impact of different technology and process changes on their cyber-security risk score. "As we have gotten broader adoption of our platform, we have seen organizations set targets for where they want to be," Stephen Boyer, founder and CTO of BitSight, told eWEEK. "BitSight Forecasting is really a way to give teams a way to understand what performance will look like in six to 12 months and what are some of the key things they can do to reach their targets."