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Black Friday Shoppers Targeted By Scams and Fake Domains

November 27, 2019 / Lindsey O'Donnell

Cybercriminals are tapping in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers with an array of scams and malware – including domain impersonation, social media giveaway scams, and a malicious Chrome extension. Black Friday and Cyber Monday-related scams are nothing new — but researchers warn that this year, they are seeing an uptick in scams using more sophisticated methods to lure users to hand over their payment data. Research released Tuesday by ZeroFOX uncovered some of the threats that attackers are using to tap into the Black Friday shopping craze, including social-media scams and domain-impersonation scams. These scams are either stealing credentials or payment data from unsuspecting shoppers, or distributing malware onto their systems, said researchers.