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BT Strips Huawei from 3G and 4G Core

December 06, 2018 / Phil Muncaster

BT and Huawei have sought to play down speculation that the former is stripping the Chinese telecoms giant’s equipment from its networks over security concerns. The UK telco group said it is removing Huawei infrastructure from its core 3G and 4G networks to meet existing policy, which will also preclude the Shenzhen-headquartered firm from its core 5G network. “In 2016, following the acquisition of EE, we began a process to remove Huawei equipment from the core of our 3G and 4G mobile networks, as part of network architecture principles in place since 2006,” BT said. “We’re applying these same principles to our current RFP for 5G core infrastructure. As a result, Huawei have not been included in vendor selection for our 5G core. Huawei remains an important equipment provider outside the core network and a valued innovation partner.” The firm will still use Huawei’s antennas and other products not deemed to be in the “core,” it has b...