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Car hacking threatens vision of connected mobility

June 04, 2019 / Save to myFT Jane Bird

When fraudsters targeted the Car2Go app-based vehicle-sharing service in Chicago in April, more than 70 vehicles were taken within a few hours. The vehicles were subsequently recovered, and it proved to be a case of fraudulent activity rather than a hack. Share Now, the joint venture between carmakers BMW and Daimler which includes Car2Go, has since enhanced the verification process for new accounts created in North America. But the incident highlighted the growing risk of attacks on connected cars — especially as the industry looks towards an automated future. Whereas a wrongdoer gaining access to an ordinary laptop can steal data or render a computer useless, a vehicle in the control of criminals could theoretically be used to cause not only gridlock but the injury and even death of passengers and pedestrians. The threat has not yet reached such extremes but automotive security breaches are prompting rising concern. Upstream Security, which monitors cyber attacks on connected c...