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Carbanak Source Code Discovered on VirusTotal

April 23, 2019 / Ionut Arghire

The source code of a backdoor associated with the prolific FIN7 threat actor has emerged on VirusTotal alongside builders and other tools from the group, FireEye security researchers reveal. Also referred to as Carbanak, or Anunak, the financially-motivated actor has been active since at least 2015, mainly focused on targeting businesses worldwide to steal credit card information. The group is believed to have hit over 100 US companies, mainly in the restaurant, gaming, and hospitality industries. Three Ukrainian nationals were arrested last year for allegedly being members of the group, with one of them a supervisor, but the FIN7 activity did not cease, and a recent report revealed the use of a new malware family in recent attacks. Carbanak, the group’s full-featured backdoor, which has been used to perpetrate millions of dollars, has been analyzed multiple times before. Now, the security researchers have a new perspective on the malware, courtesy of two RAR archives containing ...