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CBA assures itself of LandMark White's post-breach infosec

March 18, 2019 / Ry Crozier

First lender to reinstate valuation firm. CBA has reinstated LandMark White as an option to conduct residential property valuations, after the institution assured itself of the valuer’s information security following a data breach in January. LandMark White said in a financial filing that it anticipates other lenders will start using its services again this week, although it could take several weeks for revenues to return to “pre-incident levels”. The move by the CBA is a lifeline for Landmark White because it signals there is now sufficient institutional confidence in its operations following remediation work to counter the effects of the breach. Banks suspended their use of LandMark White after the breach was disclosed. The valuation firm said it had worked closely with CBA’s data protection group to provide CBA with assurance that security weaknesses had been fixed.