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CDSA Releases First TV, Film Cybersecurity Guidelines

February 12, 2019 / John Eggerton

The Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA), which advocates for protection of media content, has issued its first TV and film security, notably cybersecurity, guidelines for everything from how to deal with data breaches to keeping costumes and props within the production "perimeter." The guidelines are billed as a must-have for any producer or crew member who needs to secure their intellectual property "on-set, near-set or on-location." North Korea famously hacked into Sony Pictures Entertainment computers in 2014 and stole massive amounts of data in an effort to get Sony to kill its film, The Interview, about the assassination of North Korea's leader. Recent Hollywood history is also peppered with purloined copies of as-yet-unreleased films and TV shows that make it onto the internet. For example, Security Week reported in 2017 that a hacker group had stolen and leaked unreleased episodes of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black from a post-productio...