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Check Point & Google Researchers Discover Critical Security Flaws In Apple’s iOS

August 12, 2019 / Rashmi

Apple’s iOS has been under lens due to a few security threats it has been exposed to. Otherwise considered to be the safest OS, a tough one to crack, researchers have found ways to expose it to malicious threats. Few threats that have cropped up include the recent ones from the security firm, Check Point and Google researchers. Let us dig into them to understand their nature and severity. In a recent study carried out by security firm, Check Point, a new class of vulnerability has been exposed. It surprises most of us as it is found in the claimed-to-be, most secure, Apples’ iOS. The findings of research say that the contacts saved on iPhones are under threat. They are bared to an SQLite hack attack which could affect the devices with malware. This class of bug is different from the usual browser threats. It is estimated to impact more than 1.4 Billion devices.