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Check Point Refining Its Security Offerings to Meet Evolving Demands

February 08, 2019 / Todd R. Weiss

When Check Point Software began its work in the IT security industry in 1993, smartphones, mobile tablets, IoT, and cloud applications and services didn't yet exist. Back then, Check Point's No. 1 job was providing state-of-the-art security to protect hardware, data centers and desktop machines that were humming away for a wide range of businesses. But with the arrival of powerful smartphones starting with Apple's iPhone in 2007, the explosive growth of cloud computing, and with the continuing spread of mobile computing, internet of things devices and other new technologies, Check Point has been facing fast-moving customer demands and technology changes that are helping to define its next moves. "Customers are going to be investing more in three directions in the next few years"—more applications in the cloud, more mobile devices containing an increasing amount of sensitive data and an exponentially increasing number of IoT devices, said Itai Greenberg, vice...