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Chinese Surveillance Database Exposes Millions of IDs

February 18, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

Security researchers have spotted a mass data leak from an unsecured database which exposed the personal details of over 2.5 million surveilled Chinese residents. SenseNets Technology uses AI-powered technology in facial recognition cameras to record the movements of millions of minority Uighurs in the western province of Xinjiang, according to reports. China has come under increasing international criticism for its treatment of the Muslim minority group, sending hundreds of thousands to ‘re-education camps’ in the desert. Dutch researcher, Victor Gevers, made the revelations in a series of tweets late last week. The database in question exposed names, ID card numbers, birth dates, location data, employer and more on the tracked individuals. “There is this company in China named SenseNets. They make artificial intelligence-based security software systems for face recognition, crowd analysis, and personal verification. And their business IP and millions of records of p...