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Cisco Finds Serious Flaws in Sierra Wireless AirLink Devices

April 26, 2019 / Eduard Kovacs

Cisco’s Talos research and intelligence group on Thursday disclosed the details of nearly a dozen vulnerabilities uncovered in Sierra Wireless AirLink devices, including serious flaws that can be exploited to change system settings, execute arbitrary code, and modify passwords. The security holes impact several Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways and routers, which are typically used by enterprises to connect industrial equipment, point-of-sale (PoS) systems, cameras, smart devices, sensors, and various types of business-critical devices. Talos identified the flaws in AirLink ES450 LTE enterprise gateways running firmware version 4.9.3. However, the vendor has confirmed that some of the weaknesses also impact GX400, GX450 and LS300 rugged cellular gateways; MP70 vehicle routers; RV50/RV50X industrial gateways; and LX40/60X compact routers for IoT and M2M applications. A majority of the flaws uncovered by Talos exist in ACEManager, the web server component present in these devices. T...