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ConnectWise Finds Woeful Cybersecurity At SMBs, Including MSP Partners

July 24, 2019 / O’Ryan Johnson

Nearly half of SMBs don’t have a plan for what to do following a cyberattack and most haven’t even identified threats to their systems, according to a new risk assessment from MSP platform provider ConnectWise. The firm’s assessment of 1,000 SMBs – half of them MSPs -- found that 48 percent were unprepared for a cyberattack, and 70 percent haven’t identified potential threats. “If you look at the MSPs, on average, they’ve done a great job of making a living by being very efficient,” ConnectWise Chief Information Security Officer John Ford told CRN. “There’s no wasted steps. Taking the time to really understand their customer’s business. Taking the time to really understand the risks to that business is not something that they’ve been accustom to doing. It creates a void.” ConnectWise began distributing the survey to partners last fall, as part of a free risk assessment provided by Sienna Group, which was then...