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Consumers on Board with Securing Health Records

April 04, 2019 / Kacy Zurku

As the healthcare industry continues to struggle with tightening up its cyber-defenses, consumers increasingly believe they play a role in securing their health information, according to a new report published by Morphisec. The 2019 Consumer Healthcare: Cybersecurity Threat Index asked more than 1,000 consumers their opinions on the number of cyber-attacks targeting health information to understand consumer perspectives on their provider's cyber-defenses. “With nearly 90% of health organization CIOs indicating they purchase cybersecurity software to comply with HIPAA, rather than to reduce threat risk, consumers have a right to be worried about the cyber-defenses protecting their health data,” said Tom Bain, VP of security strategy at Morphisec, in today’s press release. Merely checking the box that cybersecurity defenses meet HIPAA requirements isn’t enough to protect healthcare organizations today from advanced and zero-day attacks from FIN6 and other soph...