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Consumers Terrified After Hackers Worm into Nests

January 25, 2019 / Kacy Zurkus

Multiple consumers have reported being terrified after hackers infiltrated the Nest cameras in their homes, with one malicious actor making claims of a North Korean missile threat, according to CBS News. California resident Laura Lyons reported that malicious actors gained control of her Nest security camera, which belted out a terrifying emergency alert warning them to find shelter because three missiles from North Korea were headed to the US. Another family in South King County, Washington, reported a hacker gained access to their Nest security camera and verbally assaulted the mother and children, according to K5 News. What consumers might not understand, though, is that it’s not vulnerabilities that are causing this. “It is the reuse of existing passwords that have already been exposed in previous attacks,” said Laurence Pitt, security strategy director, Juniper Networks.