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Courier and freight firm Toll Group targeted in cyber attack

February 20, 2020 / ODT

Customers of a courier and freight firm that has two offices in Christchurch are experiencing disruption and delays after the company’s website was targeted in a cyber-attack.Toll Group received a ‘targeted ransomware attack’ on January 21, which it is still attempting to resolve.The attack is a new variant of the Mailto ransomware, a well-known virus.
About 1000 servers (computers) were affected.On the company’s website, it states a decision was made immediately after the attack to isolate and disable some systems to contain the spread of the attack.As a result, manual systems were introduced to continue to meet customer demands. Some customers are experiencing delays or disruption to their deliveries as we have to rely on manual processes and systems to operate. As we are temporarily having to enter freight data manually, there is some delay in delivery status information.