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Cyber Security Commentary On The DDOS Attacks On Telegram During Hong Kong Protests

June 14, 2019 / Security Magazine

As part of our experts Comments Series,  Dr Guy Bunker, CTO at Clearswift Cyber Security commented below on the subject of the recent use of DDOS attacks on the messaging app Telegram, which the founder of Telegram states was a concerted state-sponsored attack intended to disrupt the Cantonese anti-extradition protests. Dr Bunker discusses the ways in which the attack may have been carried out, as well as how firms can protect themselves from such attacks. “DDoS attacks can be carried out in a number of different ways, and it has become increasingly simple to ‘hire’ a botnet to carry out the attack by multiple means which makes it more difficult to prevent. Programmes such as LOIC has been around for many years and so can be mitigated relatively well against using network filtering – which many of the larger internet based applications, e.g. messaging apps, already have. For larger application providers, success against a DDoS attack is a question of number...