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Cyber security in manufacturing is the need of the hour, feels industry

May 23, 2019 / Elets News Network

With digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and smart working culture making inroads in various sectors, including manufacturing, Indian companies are also gearing up to cope with the problems that come along with the technological advancement. One such issue is of cyber security. There have been increasing instances of data leakage that have called for better and stringent actions to avoid the online menace. Industry leaders also feel the same, with manufacturing sector being no different. Srinivas Thimmaiah, Programme Manager-Information Security, Automotive Company shared, “Cyber security is the buzzword today, however some years back IT and cyber security was not the mainstream business organ. The main objective was product and its manufacturing, but now with new vulnerabilities there is a drastic change” Speaking at the Elets Manufacturing Innovation Summit in Delhi, Thimmaiah, added, “Every organization, if they want or not, have to go with cyber security. Espe...