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Cyber security technicians protect Luke network

August 08, 2019 / Airman Brooke Moeder

The Air Force relies heavily on computer and software systems, therefore it’s crucial the systems stay secure. Various 56th Communications Squadron cyber security technicians work together to keep the network safe, which enables jets to fly and missions to be accomplished. Cyber security technicians work to prevent, detect and repel cyberattacks. They are split into three different sections; computer security (COMPUSEC), communications security (COMSEC) and emissions security (TEMPEST). Each section works together and plays a different role in maintaining the safety of the network and its users at Luke. They follow guidance and regulations and train their users on how to follow them. COMPUSEC deals with Universal Serial Bus (USB) and network-related violations. They determine what can and cannot go onto the network. For example, if an unauthorized device is plugged into a USB port, actions are taken to resolve the issue.