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Cyber security: What a difference the board makes

August 05, 2019 / James Arthur

The cyber threat never stands still, it is always evolving and will always be with us. If your business has not experienced a cyber-attack in the past year, you are in the minority. It is easy for many to believe that they are below the criminals’ radar but, in truth, every business is a target every day, and cyber security is vital. Preparation and education, through establishing cyber incident response plans and regular staff training, are key components of an effective cyber security strategy, but we have found that putting cyber-crime onto the board’s agenda is one of the most effective ways to minimise the chances of a successful attack. While no business – whatever its size or sector – is immune, mid-market companies are particularly vulnerable and need to focus on managing this growing risk. Mid-market vulnerabilities. While any organisation with a computer and an employee today is vulnerable, mid-market companies are less likely to implement best-in-clas...