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Cyber Security Workers Wanted: Maine Trying to Combat Criminal Threats

February 09, 2020 / CW NEWS DESK

The state of Maine is working on expanding its workforce by increasing the need for workers in the cybersecurity industry. To help accommodate this, the University of Southern Maine is expanding its cybersecurity program with the hope of helping fill these positions as they become available. Over recent years, Maine has become increasingly more vulnerable to the attacks of hackers. Last year, the Maine School Administrative District 6 became the target of cybercriminals. Their payroll server was hacked by ransomware. Ransomware is a malicious virus or form of malware that will lock a system down until a “ransom” is paid to the cybercriminal who deployed it. Maine is an easy target for these cyber criminals because of their population of elderly individuals and the dominance of small businesses. This creates the perfect opportunity to employ more jobs in the effort to fight these cybercrimes.